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Updated: Jun 14, 2023

In June 2011, two fully loaded buses went on a road trip to the famous chaar dhaam of North India. I was there on the trip with my mom and my brother Akshit. Although, out of these four dhaams I had already been to 3 of them at that time, this was a new experience. Two buses full of random people be it kids, adults, or seniors.

This trip was well organized and properly planned like our stays, pit stops, duration of staying at the place, etc everything was already decided. And even sometimes, buses used to stop at random places and the cooks (who used to travel with us) immediately used to start cooking delicious items like pav bhaji, chole bhature, poori alloo, etc.


The first dhaam was Yamunotri, from where the Yamuna River originates. To visit the main temple one has to trek (not a difficult one it’s quite easy). Back in 2011, there were few shops that had basic stuff like water, cold drinks, Maggi, etc. But I am pretty sure that now there must be a lot of shops and one can get whatever he/she wants. On the same day, we trekked up and came down, stayed there for one night and the next morning continued our journey to the next dhaam.


Gangotri was our second point. The place from where the river Ganges originates. There is no trek to reach the temple. Just near the temple, there is a small area(ghat) where pilgrims can take a dip in the ganja river but let me tell you that the water is very cold, and that too when I went there in the month of June.


After leaving Gangotri, we reached Kedarnath, it was the first time I came here. One thing I was most excited about was the trek to the temple. Can surely say that it was one of the most difficult ones since it was quite lengthy (14kms) and the path was a bit inclined throughout the journey. I, Akshit, and my cousin Pankaj decided to trek on foot while others went on horses. The real fun is on foot of course! We took so many shortcuts because it was an atmosphere of competition between the three of us who will reach first. Trek was very adventurous and a hell lot of fun. Since the trek was very tiring we had to stay up there near the temple. There were many small cottages at that time, they were nice and warm. The next morning we came down, and no one believes this but it’s true that it took us only 45 minutes to reach down whereas while going up it took us 4 hours. Trek down is very easy and we came all the way running (most part).


And now comes the fourth dhaam, Badrinath. It is located at the highest altitude among the four. There is no such trek for the temple but I can say that this temple was very crowded. There are two other points in Badrinath apart from the temple. The first one is the “Bheem Pul” and the second point is “The Mana Village”. Mana village is also the last village in India. After this, the land belongs to China.

It was my first experience with such a large crowd and believe me I had a lot of fun even more than I expected. I don’t have many pictures of this trip, there are a few of them.

A perfect packaged trip it was ❤


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