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Updated: Jun 14, 2023

After giving my final exams of the most difficult standard which is 11th(2014), a trip was much needed. So I planned a road trip to Auli, the ski resort in India. After all the searching I came up with a plan of a 4D/5N trip, to be precise, one night on the way then three nights in Auli, and one night while coming back to Haridwar (just because my nani wanted Ganga snaan).

We booked three nights in Devi Darshan Lodge in Auli, at that time there were only two options:- Devi Darshan and Army Quarters(Auli is also a military base camp). It was a perfect place to stay be it the service, the staff members, the food everything. The main hall had windows on three out of four sides which gave us such a beautiful view of the Himalayan Range and especially Nanda Devi Parbat, at that moment I wondered why this lodge is called Devi Darshan.

The plan for the first day was to ski since it was the main thing for which we came. The staff of devi darshan lodge arranged the skiing gear for us. The basic course was of 14 days but we of course didn’t want to learn it, we just wanted to experience it. Though, I would say it was the most difficult adventure sport if ever did. From devi darshan to the place where we had to ski, a chair lift was the mode of transport we used. It was the first time I was sitting in an open chair ropeway.

The second day was the trek to Gorson. Ashish Bhaiya (One of the devi darshan’s staff members) gave us the trekking shoes which would help us to trek in soft snow. The snow was hard in the area where we did skiing but on the way to Gorson, the snow was soft so that’s why we needed those special high ankle trekking shoes. We were 4 people me, Pankaj(my cousin), Aryan(11-year-old cousin), and my driver. Ashish Bhaiya also sent a guide(Jitendra Bhaiya) with us as he knew the way from the lodge to Gorson. The trek was quite challenging as it was my first trek ever in snow and also the trek was through the jungle. No matter what kind of shoes you wear, some amount of snow will enter and then starts to melt. Cold feet! We had a lot of fun while trekking, Jitendra Bhaiya told us many stories about that area like bear attacks, the presence of the rarest animal of Uttrakhand “Snow leopard” etc etc. But due to some bad weather conditions, we had to make a decision of going back because of Aryan, Jitendra Bhaiya said that it would be risky to trek forward in this condition since we have a child with us. I was upset but had no choice, but I promised myself that I will come again……Gorson will have to wait for me.

Let me be honest…..I wasn’t able to feel any sensation in my feet. My legs were dead after reaching the lodge! I spent hours sitting in front of the heater so that I could feel my legs again. It was a hell of a trek but overall, it was AMAZING!

So on the last day, we had a plan to visit Lata Village, to experience the local culture and tradition. How the people live there, what they wear, what they eat, how they treat their guests by being of them! We also did visit the Nanda Devi temple in Lata village. One thing I will mention for sure is that the Pahaadi kids are so damn cute ❤

The next day early morning we left for Haridwar, did Ganga darshan then stayed there for the night and the next morning towards Delhi.

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