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Updated: Nov 20, 2023

From Vancouver to Calgary, it takes up to 12 hours including stops. We rented a car online for 4 days and crossed Kamloops, and Revelstoke to reach Calgary. You just can’t take the risk of missing the views from Vancouver to Calgary via road trip!

I chose Airbnb for our stay in Calgary, a three-bedroom luxurious stay at an affordable price. Our itinerary was already set, we left for Banff the next morning. Calgary is just 1.5 hours away from Banff National Park. The Banff National Park is full of trails, hikes, and beautiful lakes.

We started our trail for Tunnel Mountain, it is an easy trail of a total of 5km up and down. We took a few stops in the middle for the epic views which were coming again and again. On reaching the summit, you get to see Banff Townsite, Bow Valley, and other surrounding mountains.

The next point was the one and only Lake Louise of Banff National Park. We parked our car at the nearest parking lot. You can walk up to the lake from the parking lot. One of the main reasons for me to come to Canada was to see Lake Louise. At first glance of the lake, I was stunned literally not kidding. It was so so beautiful, it was frozen and we walked across the whole lake. That feeling cannot be expressed in words honestly.

Before leaving, we went to the Fairmont Château Lake Louise, located just at the shore of Lake Louise. We grabbed a few drinks before leaving for Calgary, back to our BnB.

We had another day in Calgary, so we went Downtown to see the famous Calgary Tower. The tower is a really cool infrastructure and you can see the whole city from the top. Also, the tower holds the title of the World’s Tallest Olympic Torch in history. Apart from this, there is not much to do in Downtown.

On our return journey, we also stopped at the Cascade Ponds in Banff. The view was so beautiful that we couldn’t stop ourselves from taking a pitstop. We also made a snowman, and it was a stylish snowman to be precise.

After entering BC, we came to know that there was an avalanche due to which the road was closed. So we decided to stay in Golden, and we found a hostel – Dreamcatcher Hostel. Then I thought why not check out Emerald Lake as well, located at the border of British Columbia – Alberta?

We were lucky that the road was clear the next morning and we were able to reach Vancouver on time. Also, if you are going to Alberta from BC for the first time, I would strongly recommend a road trip.


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