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Updated: Jun 11, 2023

I and my school friends had a plan for a Punjab trip for a very long time. But the plan was not being executed due to many small reasons. We finally decided to go on this and booked train tickets from New Delhi to Chandigarh. Three of our friends had something important that’s why they came a day later.

The main reason for this trip was food. Punjab is a vast food hub, from desi food to Western food there is everything. In Chandigarh, on the first day, we went to see the Rock Garden, nothing is interesting but it's a nice place to click pictures. After that, we went to Sukhna Lake. You can spend a nice time sitting there chit-chatting and munching tasty snacks which are sold nearby. In sector 8, there is “Milk Shake & Company” which is a must-visit place. They sell awesome thick milkshakes and they also have burgers and fries. The shop has a creative design but no place to sit.

On the second day, our three friends joined us who came a day later. So we headed towards sector 17 of Chandigarh which is the most famous sector and there are a lot of food joints there. There is a shop called “Softy Corner” and to be honest for me it was the best ice cream shop in India. It was such a small shop and I was recommended to go to this shop by my friend who spent his college days in Chandigarh. I had zero expectations after looking at the shop and its menu but after having the ice cream, we all were like this is the best ice cream!! It was already decided that we would have our lunch in Pal Dhaba, one of the most famous restaurants in Chandigarh. But actually, we didn’t like it that much. Service was good but the taste was above average, we heard a lot about this place so maybe our expectations were high. By evening, we were back in our hotel rooms and we were ready to have the greatest party of all time. School friends under one roof after a long time, drinks ready, food ready, music ready, and boom.

For the next day, we hired a Tavera (9-seater) since we were 9 people, from Chandigarh to Amritsar. It hardly takes 4 hours by road. We reached Amritsar by evening and found a hotel right after getting there. After settling in our rooms, we went to see Golden Temple also nighttime was close and we knew Golden Temple at night is very beautiful. Also, we spent some time in Hall Bazar and had our dinner there only.

The next day in the evening we had our bus (Volvo) back to Delhi. So we decided to visit the Wagha border & also have our early dinner at the most famous restaurant of Amritsar – “Kesar Da Dhaba”.


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