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Updated: Jun 5, 2023

We were staying in Picpus (Paris), in our uncle’s apartment. Akshit (my brother), booked an overnight bus to Amsterdam. He booked the tickets from the Flix bus, one of the best bus services in Europe. This was the most exciting part of our trip, Amsterdam ❤ I remember that we reached Amsterdam Centraal by 6 in the morning and instead of going to our hotel first, we directly went to the only coffee shop which was opened that early. Couldn’t help ourselves as we were way too excited. We had our first doobie with hot served coffee. That’s how we started our first day in Amsterdam. Now we decided to go and check-in in at our hotel for which we had to board the metro from the Centraal station. Our hotel was in Zwanenburg, which was just 2-3 stations from Centraal. It was the first time that I was traveling in a double-decker metro. We mutually decided to take a quick power nap but we woke up after 7-8 hours. Overnight journey and then morning doobie, so yes we needed that sleep no regrets.

We had one thing in our mind that we had to visit every famous coffee shop in the Centraal, so we started roaming. The atmosphere and the vibe were just amazing. Taking drags from your doobie, sipping coffee, and canals in front of you, is the best experience it is. Canal cruises are there for tour purposes, bookings can be done online or in person. Till now we had visited the coffee shop De Kroon, Cafe 420, The Bulldog, and Kadinsky coffee shop. Literally, we spent the whole day chilling, roaming here and there, socializing with other tourists. By the end of the day, Akshit called up his friend Jamjam, whom he met in London during his graduation. Akshit asked him to join us, and he was up for it.

One thing which is one of the most famous things in Holland is the Holland fries and the best ones are “Mannekenpis”. They are truly delicious and you can customize your fries with any sauce you want, there are a lot of options.

Now it was time for the most famous spot in Amsterdam- “I Amsterdam” and obviously, we were very excited to click pictures in front of it. But honestly, there are a lot of people in front of the sign and it gets really difficult to click a decent picture.

So after meeting Jamjam, the first thing he told us was that we have missed the Grey Area Coffee shop, and this coffee shop was his favorite (he had been to Amsterdam multiple times). And this coffee shop was seriously lit, people from all around the world had their currency notes and other small writings pasted all over the walls, it was amazing. After that, we went to the temple of Venus also known as the sex museum, and at night the red light district. Photography is prohibited in this area.

Till now I and Akshit only roamed around in the Centraal but Jamjam came and he told us about Buiksloterweg. From behind the Centraal railway station, there is a ferry route from Centraal to Buiksloterweg. This place is also known as Noord. The ferry service is free of cost and most, students live in this area. Jamjam had a friend named Seto who had a room there. That place was cool like there were these cubical chambers.

When you deboard the ferry in Buiksloterweg, you can see a very tall building on the left, A’dam Lookout. It is a 20-story building that has a restaurant/ bar and also an over-the-edge swing. This swing is Europe’s highest swing. The view from up there is jaw-dropping.

If you are in Europe, you must visit Amsterdam because it is the most chill and peaceful place. People are so nice and always happy. The trend of cycling is so cool. There is nothing to see like scenic beauty and all but I assure you that Amsterdam is the best place for vibing.


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