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Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Me and my friends were planning a new year’s trip to Goa but due to some reasons the plan got canceled & we went to Kasol. The next big occasion which was coming was the festival of Holi on 21st March 2019. So we decided to celebrate Holi in Goa and booked our air tickets and also the accommodation. We reached Goa three days before the festival. The Goa airport is in South Goa and our hotel was in North Goa, Vagator. So we hired a taxi from the airport to our hotel – Vista Mare. After checking-in in our rooms, we went out for the rentals. We took two scooters and one bullet. The location of our hotel was perfect, the beach was accessible through the stairs connecting the hotel to the beach. We spent the evening there only while having a beer. At night we went to Thalassa in Siolim. The place is perfect for dining and live music, the energy of this is place is amazing, great ambiance.

The next day in the morning we came to know that there was a shooting going on for the movie “Malang” on the same beach which was connected to our hotel, so we went there to see the shooting. Aditya Roy Kapoor and Disha Patni were there for a shoot. The day was Tuesday and the biggest party on Tuesday in Goa is in Shiva Valley next to Curlies on Anjuna Beach. It was the second time I was going to attend. It is a proper psychedelic party and the level of energy is just amazing. Each person is lost in his/her own trip. And also you can see different types of artists performing different types of stunts or something. If you are in Goa and the day is Tuesday, Shiva Valley is highly recommended. We also made new friends – Clara and Judith. Clara was a scuba diving instructor at West Coast Adventures.

The next day after a long sleep, we woke up a bit late. Last night was a hell of fun in Shiva Valley. We all were craving some delicious food and that’s when we decided to go to Britto’s on Baga beach. We had a proper heavy meal, the food was damn tasty and the service was also really good. According to our planner, we had plans for the casino. We mutually decided to go for Deltin Jaqk. We bought the basic package and it included infinite drinks, infinite food, and some poker chips to play. It was my first-time experience of a casino. We entered the cruise by 7-8 pm and we left by 1 or 2 am. The overall experience was excellent, we had so much fun playing poker, and we had tasty food and limitless drinks. You can also buy additional poker chips to play more.

Now it was 21st March, the festival of colors in Goa, Holi. This was the most exciting part of the trip because it was Holi for which this trip was made. On that day, the streets of Goa were full of colors and it was like music is being played everywhere seriously everywhere. Just after 10-15 minutes of coming out of our hotel, there were colors on all of us. Literally, people were throwing colors the moment your vehicle crosses them. It was fun! The main party started when we reached Anjuna Beach, there were big speakers and a perfect crowd, no hotchpotch. We had beers, and stuff, the music was crazy, we were dancing it was a perfect scene. We got so hungry that we directly went to Curlies which is on Anjuna beach only, got energized then partied again, and by 7-8 pm, Holi scenes were over. As we were all soaked up in color, we changed and then went to Candolim to have a nice dinner. We chose Inferno on Candolim beach road. Perfect place for dinner with amazing food and a sophisticated crowd.

If you are in Goa with your friends, you just cannot miss the Chapora Fort. So on 22nd March, we had plans for Chapora Fort, and also we decided to stay there till sunset. The sunset was so beautiful and the vibe of that place was amazing. Chapora Fort is a perfect place to capture beautiful pictures. From Chapora Fort we went to a BBQ party which was hosted by Clara and Judith in their hostel. They invited us all and we couldn’t say no to them. It was a nice and soothing party, there was tasty food, drinks, and music. We also had little stuff with us. Sometimes sudden plans turnouts to be fun and especially when you have great company around you. We had a great time and we enjoyed ourselves a lot.

While we were at the party, Clara told us that she could provide us with a little discount for scuba diving and we were quite interested. Scuba diving was on my wish list after sky diving & I thought that it was a great opportunity. And finally, Rohit and Parth agreed. It was an early morning scene for which we had to reach Hyatt in Calangute for basic training. I was so excited that finally, I was going for a scuba dive. The location for the dive was Grande Island & they took us there on a boat. Finally, it was our time to go into the water and experience the aquatic life. The instructors had already told us about all the types of aquatic animals which we will be seeing while under the water. We were properly instructed on the boat when going towards Grande Island. Let me mention this thing that it is not easy to reach the depths of the ocean or sea. The pressure is very high and your ears start hurting. So a trained instructor was with us while we were going deep inside. I just can’t explain how beautiful it was and also it was so peaceful. I also touched the seabed and that moment was the best.

The same day, we had our flight back to Delhi in the evening. No matter how many times you visit Goa, it is always super fun.


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