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Updated: Jun 13, 2023

When I came to know that I and my family got an invitation from our relatives in Jalandhar for a function, I decided to take my friend (Raghav) along. Plan was that my family will go before us and then me and my friend will go there via train. I knew that family function will be boring therefore in the name of it, me and Raghav will be able to take a break from college and make a short trip out of it.

So, my relatives have their house in Dhina Village, Jalandhar. It is an area full of agricultural land and also it is a cantonment area. On the first day in the morning, we attended the retirement ceremony to which we were invited and after that, we explored the village of Dhina and the Cantt area. The marketplace of Jalandhar Cantt is really nice, there are a lot of shops having delicious food. One thing I like about the village area is the clean air with less pollution.

The next day we left early morning and took a bus to Amritsar from the bus stand. It hardly takes 2 hours from Dhina to Amritsar. Traveling by bus is very comfortable and quite cheap too.

The last time when I came to Amritsar, it was totally different from now. The shops near Golden Temple were not legalized but now they were. The whole area was totally furnished, even the flooring. It was Raghav’s first visit to Amritsar, he didn’t know how it was before. Outstanding work by the Punjab government! We saw the Jallianwala Bagh, the place where unfortunate event took place. Lots of people were killed and injured in that massacre of 1919. You still get goosebumps when you visit the place. Afterward, we visited the magnificent Golden Temple. It is so beautifully constructed like you cannot take your eyes off it. It is also known as “Darbar Sahib”. I strongly recommend visiting the golden temple twice, the first visit during day time and the second visit during nighttime. During night time the Darbar Sahib glows and it looks magical. You can find food stalls, food chains, traditional shops, and a lot more in the market area. Bhija kulcha is a must-try when you’re in Amritsar.

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