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Updated: Jun 13, 2023

During mid-December, I and Raghav (a college friend) were up for some trekking. Piyush (school friend) said he can get along, so we all three were set to roll. Mcleodganj was the place decided and the Triund trek was our main purpose of the trip. We took an overnight Volvo bus from Delhi-Mcleodganj. Volvo is very comfortable and budget-friendly.

It was decided that we will find the hotel after reaching there only. That’s what we did and got a room in the main market itself. Now after settling up in our room, we were all set to go. Piyush had a nice idea of hiring an auto rickshaw for a day and he will take us to all the nearby points. And that’s what we did. I even remember the name of our autowala, Purushottam. So the first place he took us to was the most famous cricket stadium of Dharamshala after that to a museum which was quite boring and the last point of that day was the tea farms.

The next day we were supposed to go for the Triund trek but unfortunately, due to bad weather, the trek was closed. We were quite upset because this trek was the main purpose of our trip. Now we started asking locals about any other trek we could do, so they told us about a small waterfall for which there was a trek of about 6-7 km. We started our trek, the terrain was uneven & also a major portion of the trek was rocky.

By the 2nd day, the bonding between Piyush and Raghav was getting better. Initially, I was like whether they both will get along with each other or not but my doubt was invalid, they became very good friends.

On the 3rd day, we did the trek to Bhagsu Nag Waterfall. This is the most famous point of Mcleodganj. Also, the most recommended cafe of the whole Mcleodganj is here only, the Shiva cafe. We had our lunch here & we came to know why people are crazy about this cafe. Food – absolutely amazing, the music – mellow, interior – cool and eye-catching.


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