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Updated: Jun 13, 2023

In India, almost every group makes a plan for the Goa trip but due to many reasons the execution of this plan fails and the main reason is not getting consent from the parents. By overcoming this obstacle, I and my four friends booked our flights to Goa. Hotel reservations were done from here only, 4 nights in North Goa and 1 night in South Goa.

We landed on Saturday afternoon and after checking-in in the hotel(Lavande, Candolim) the first thing we did was hire vehicles. We hired 3 scooters as we were 5 in total. By late evening we were all set to roll in Goa. We came to know about “Saturday Night Bazar” in Arpora and it was the first place we went. With live techno music, beer, stalls of authentic cuisines, happening crowd the place was totally lit. I remember eating freshly baked margarita pizza out of the furnace by two Italian chefs.

My friend Parth did all his research on what we had to do each day. According to our planner, Sunday night was fixed for Hill Top. In the daytime, we visited Candolim and Calangute beaches. The concept of shacks on the beaches is very cool like just grabbing a drink, sitting there, and enjoying. Till night we were exploring the beaches and the streets of Goa. Now it was time for a proper rave party in Hill Top, Vagator. It was my first rave party experience and that too with my closest friends. I just can’t explain the amount of fun we had there. Literally, I don’t even have pictures of this party because we were totally lost in it.

Now next day on Monday, we had a plan to go to Club Cubana but stag entry was not allowed so we had to drop our plan. Plan B of our day was a sweet lake and Arambol Beach. Sweet Lake was seriously a sweet place. I never imagined that there can be a lake on a beach. It was a perfect place to relax and enjoy the vibe.

Tuesday, was the day for one of the biggest & most popular parties of Goa, The Shiva Valley in Curlies. A proper psy trance party where each person is enjoying his/her trip. I never knew that such types of parties do take place in India. We all were so dead by the night.

It was Wednesday, we had to check out from our hotel in Candolim and also return our scooters. Now we came to the south by cab and checked-in in at our hotel and again hired three 2-wheelers. This time we hired one scooter and 2 bikes. According to our planner, we had to attend a party which was going to take place in Leopard Valley. When we were on our way to the Leopard Valley, 4 out of 5 guys were thinking to abort this plan because, on a serious note, we were lost. Middle of nowhere, there were no lights, no vehicles coming or going, no sign of anything. We all were trying our best to manipulate Parth about dropping the idea of going there. He didn’t give up and by hook n crook, he took us there and just before reaching there we heard music from a distance and we were like YES!! found it …..there is a party going on. Seriously, at one point we decided to leave Parth behind because there were no signs of anything literally nothing. But I think this is how it works and this is how you find a secret party. As it is always said the fruit of patience is always sweet. Leopard Valley was a party with a totally different vibe. Western crowd, with jazz music, french artists, and the bonus of no crowd. Also, there were no entry charges. If you are in Goa you must attend at least one secret party.

We already decided to end this trip on the Chapora Fort, yes the place where Dil Chahta Hai was shot. There is a different feeling when you go there with those people with whom you have spent your childhood…..your school friends.


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