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Updated: Jun 6, 2023

I was planning for Paris for a long time. Also, my mama (maternal uncle) lives in Paris so we didn’t have to care about accommodation and stuff. And also it's better if you know someone who lives there where you want to go. Me, my brother(Akshit), my mother, and my nani were up for this trip. Since we had Schengen Visa, we had options for so many other countries. Switzerland was my mother’s choice and me and Akshit chose the Netherlands, Amsterdam.

The first thing which comes to your mind when you are in Paris is Tour de Eiffel – Eiffel Tower. That’s what we did, we visited the Eiffel Tower the same day we landed in Paris. Eiffel Tower is a magnificent piece of architecture. Also, this place is a famous spot for proposing to your loved one. You see a lot of tourists from different countries around the world and why not? Eiffel Tower was one of the seven wonders. Eiffel Tower should also be visited at night time so that you don’t miss the lighting, its beautiful.

The next morning we had a proper French breakfast which includes a baguette and croissants with black coffee. It was time for a city tour. We visited Sacre Coeur, which is believed to be the sacred heart of Paris. This church is beautifully constructed and is almost more than 100 years old. Old but classy infrastructure. It is constructed at a good height for which you have to climb some stairs and from up there you can see the city. Afterward, we roamed in the market area and did little shopping. We experienced one odd thing, my nani was walking on the footpath and 2 guys on a bike came swiftly and tried to snatch her necklace but they failed. I was shocked by this incident as I never expected such a thing to happen in Paris.

There is a place in Paris where there are remains of more than 6 million people in a small part of a tunnel built many years ago, “Catacombs of Paris”. You can literally see the skulls of so many people. After coming out of the Catacombs we went directly to one of the most famous bakeries “Paul”, macarons are their specialty.

It was our bad luck that when we visited The Louvre, it was closed due to some maintenance work. We missed out on the chance to see the most famous painting of all time “Mona Lisa”. The Louvre is the world’s largest art museum. There is also the “Pyramide du Louvre”, a very beautifully constructed pyramid of glass and metal. From there we went to see “Arc de Triomphe”, a very famous monument in Paris which is like a giant gate. It acts as a junction for twelve avenues. Some of these avenues are residential and some are marketplaces/streets. We went through the avenue of Wagram.

The last day was booked for the one and only Disney Land. It was my first time ever experience of Disney Land and that’s why I was really excited. Literally, Disney Land has so much to see and experience in it that it can take two or more two days. The parade is one of the best parts, don't even think to miss it. Most of the rides are for kids but there are a few rides that are really fun and also scary. Disney Land is full of gift shops and shops for Disney merchandise. There are food outlets too. Disney Land is truly a fun place.


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