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Updated: Jun 14, 2023

It was a trip that every other person thinks of! An out-of-station trip with your friends just after school ends. After we got our results and the permission from our parents we started planning. So we came up with Rishikesh and Dhanaulti, we were 8 friends in total. We planned a road trip and my choice for it was to hire a 12-seater tempo traveler because it was the only option in which we can have fun together during the journey. That’s how we rolled!

We had our tents booked in Rishikesh which basically was a package including 2 tents for one night, 26km of river rafting, a bonfire, breakfast, and dinner. I must say if someone goes to Rishikesh he/she must stay in these camps, they are perfect. There are a lot of other groups with whom you can connect and socialize. Ganga River is just in front of your tents like you can just dip into it. Cold breeze, soothing atmosphere, the vibe is amazing. Also, I will highly recommend that if you want to go river rafting definitely go for the longest one which is 26km. There are shorter ones like 9km, 13km, 15km, and 20km. But the real fun is in the longest one because it includes 13 rapids and river rafting is all about rapids.

River rafting was done, we were hungry, and after returning to the tents we were served some snacks and tea/coffee. The night was still young, there was a bonfire and music was on.

The next day after checking out from our camps, we continued our journey to Dhanaulti but as it is said it all depends on destiny. The road was under construction and all of a sudden we had to change our decision. Instead of Dhanaulti, we went to Mussoorie. Luckily in Mussoorie, we got a deluxe room in a hotel that had a capacity of 8 people.

In Mussoorie, we spent most of the time in our room only…..we were having so much fun that we didn’t even consider going out of our room. We had our drinks and hukka was on all the time. After all, it was our first-ever trip with school friends and we were enjoying each other's company, remembering old memories, making fun of each other, dancing, and munching constantly. At night we went to Mall Road for dinner, Mall road is good for shopping and there are a lot of food outlets. At night the lighting and everything is quite good.

On our way back to Delhi, we saw a water park, and on the spot, we decided to go there. That’s why I am a road trip person because you have the option for uncertain plans and they are really fun.

Overall I’ll say Rishikesh was fun and there are a lot of adventure activities you can do. But Musoorie on the other hand is something I won’t recommend because apart from mall road there is nothing interesting. But one thing is sure shot…..with friends no place can be boring!


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