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Updated: Nov 19, 2023


A camping trip was long pending, so we (me, Akkie, and Shruti) decided to rent an RV and camp at Osoyoos. Rather than going for a long trip, we planned a weekend getaway because of a lack of camping experience. Osoyoos is around 400km from Vancouver and took us 5-6 hours to reach. We followed Highway 1 to Hope and then took Highway 3 to reach Osoyoos via Penticton. The drive from Vancouver to Osoyoos was super comfortable and very scenic, what else you expect in Beautiful British Columbia?

We parked our RV at sw̓iw̓s Provincial Park (Haynes Point), it wasn’t planned but it was night time and rest was needed so we spent the night there. They charged 30$ (cash) for the RV site/campsite without reservation. We saw the real beauty of our site in the morning, we were on a long strip of land with water on both sides. The location was so good that we immediately decided to spend the next night here as well. The sw̓iw̓s Provincial Park has public toilets, on-site availability of water, tent sites, boat launcher, etc. The nighttime was so chill and relaxing, you get to hear the sea breeze with mellow winds, amazing! On one side, it was the sea and another side it was the lake and the lake was ideal for swimming, the water was not too cold and it wasn’t deep. We found a perfect picnic spot where we played slow music, got some munchies, and swam in the lake.


To book the RV, we used the platform Rvezy. It has easy bookings with handy UI, deal with the owner directly, exchanges images of the vehicle before and after your trip, and gets a video tutorial of the vehicle. My experience with Rvezy was totally satisfying. The name of our RV was Pearl, she was an overall 10. Pearl had all the basic amenities, smooth to drive, very well-equipped, it was just perfect! The owner was sweet and very cooperative. I have mentioned the link for bookings. Link: To Book Pearl

For sw̓iw̓s Provincial Park, we paid 30$ (cash) for RV-site as we. We were lucky as it was peak time. Online reservations are available. Link: sw̓iw̓s Provincial Park


  1. Keep a check on the water tank. (most gas stations have water hoses)

  2. Keep a check on the propane/gas cylinder.

  3. Stack essential groceries.

  4. Don’t ever forget the mosquito repellent.


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