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Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Since I and my school friends were unable to go to Dhanaulti last time due to the construction work, we had to go to Mussoorie by changing our plans at the last moment. We again decided on a trip and this time it was only for Dhanaulti. A short trip of 2 nights. Exactly as the last time, we booked a 12-seater tempo traveler.

Dhanaulti is mostly famous for its camping. There are a lot of camps which you can book according to your stay. In those camps, there are a lot of activities like flying foxes, rock climbing, basic treks, etc. The three-time meal is included in the package. The weather in Dhanaulti is perfect you can roam around in your T’s in the daytime and at night just wear a sweatshirt or a slim jacket. We went there in the month of June.

We already had our camps booked for 2 nights but due to some uncertain events during the first night, we were asked to leave our camps the next morning. Basically, we were playing loud music, we were drinking, and shouting like hell, and because of these disturbances, there were a lot of complaints against us and that is why we had to leave after the first night.

Luckily we found a better camp which was more spacious and the main thing was that the tents were well spaced and we could have fun without disturbing anyone. The food was way more delicious in this camp as compared to the previous one. After lunch, we did our activities. By the evening, the clouds came down and literally, they were inside our tents. The weather was soothing, we had evening snacks and tea/coffee. At night, there was a perfect bonfire scene. We were carrying our drinks, sheesha was on, music and dance everything was perfect.

Dhanaulti is a perfect place for a short summer getaway. Although, there is nothing much to do apart from staying in camps and doing some adventure activities it is fun.


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