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Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Starbucks has always been one of the biggest names in the world of coffee. Their popularity is why I was here, the first-ever Starbucks in Pike Place Market, Seattle.

First ever Starbucks shop


I took a weekend out of my schedule to visit Seattle. It was a four hours bus journey from Vancouver. The bus takes a single stop which is for the immigration process at the US-Canada border.

Right in the center of Seattle, I had my reservation at Green Tortoise Hostel for a night. The first thing I did was to get in the queue for Starbucks. The coffee was the same as any other Starbucks I knew before going there, the main thing was to kill the urge to go to first Starbucks haha. Also, don't miss the pike market, you can get some cool stuff there!

Further, I went for a walk inside the city for a meal and some pictures. Then to the post alley for the famous gum wall and after, I took a long walk along the marine view.

By late evening, I was back in my hostel for the open mic event hosted by them. It was a really fun event, I met many other travelers from across the world and made new friends.

For the next day I only had a return bus to catch so I woke up late, had my complimentary breakfast, and then left for the bus terminal. On my way to the bus terminal, I came across a very beautiful little garden that had a waterfall inside it.


For the bus from Vancouver to Seattle:

For the hostel in Downtown Seattle:


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