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Updated: Nov 20, 2023

We started off the journey by boarding the BC ferry from Tsawwassen which took only 1 hour and 40 minutes to reach Victoria (Swartz Bay). I and my brother had our reservations in Ocean Island Inn Backpackers Suites. A pocket-friendly, comfy, and perfectly located hostel in Victoria.

After checking in, we left the hostel to explore the neighborhood and look for some good places to eat. No doubt that Victoria is a really beautiful city. Not to make our first day hectic, we called off the day after the dinner at Yates Street Taphouse, an awesome place to have a few drinks and tasty food!

The next day, after hitting breakfast we went to thunderbird park which is famous for the totem poles and other First Nation monuments. And then we went to see the famous British Columbia Parliament building which is home to the legislative assembly of BC. The infrastructure of the Parliament Building is world-class!

There was a viewpoint near our hostel named Finlayson Point. So we headed straight towards it and also grabbed a coffee on the way! The viewpoint was mind-blowing, there was a magnificent panoramic view of the ocean in front of my eyes. A bunch of people running, going for their evening walk, playing, walking their pets, etc. It was such a good atmosphere.

The last day was reserved for the bug zoo and miniature world. I was so excited about the bug zoo because I checked it online that, you can hold some of the insects in your hands! It was a cute mini zoo having more than 50 different species of insects including spiders, mantis, walking sticks, centipedes, etc. They also have the largest ant colony in Canada. It is definitely a thing to add to the must-see list.

Next was one of the most popular tourist attractions in Victoria, Miniature World. They have a total of 85 miniature displays. Displays based on fiction, history, religion, etc. You would feel like visiting this place again, that’s how awesome it is.

The last thing I wanted to see was Fisherman’s Wharf but unfortunately, it was closed. I managed to get some pictures of this colorful place floating on the water. Also, I was lucky enough to capture the beautiful icy view of the Parliament building.

That was a leisurely weekend getaway to the Vancouver Islands. No rush only chill!


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