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Updated: Jun 13, 2023

The best escape from the summers of Delhi will definitely be Lansdowne. It is the nearest hill station from Delhi, just 6-7 hours of drive. The drive from Delhi to Lansdowne is quite comfortable, condition of the roads is good and well-maintained. Mostly there are short-heightened hills so it is easy to drive.

We were on a weekend getaway to Lansdowne. I searched many hotels on the internet but finally booked a homestay for 2 nights. This homestay was located far from the hotel/market area. It was a lone property, beautifully built in the heart of nature. Exactly a place where I wanted to spend my weekend peacefully.

In Lansdowne, there is an Indian Army Command Office. You can see young cadets training hard on the ground performing drills and marches. The whole area is highly secured and confidential which is why photography is strictly prohibited. Other than this, there are two more points, the first one is Tip n Top and the other one is Bhulla Tal which has an artificial lake, it is a perfect picnic spot. On the way to Tip n Top, we also visited St. Mary Church.

The place where I was staying itself was so beautiful and natural that I couldn’t resist exploring it. Here are some pictures which I took during the exploration.

So it was a nice and sweet family time we spent in Lansdowne. You can go there with your friends or your family and spend a few days taking a short break from your busy life.

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