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Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Middle Joffre Lake

The Joffre Lakes Provincial Park is accessible year-round with vehicle access only during the months between May to October. Make sure that you have a day pass before you visit the park, here is the link to get a pass:

Nature's masterpiece awaits at Joffre Lakes, where three glacier-fed lakes, Lower, Middle, and Upper Joffre Lake, mesmerize visitors with their ethereal shades of blue and green, a result of the glacial silt beneath their crystal-clear waters.

Lower Joffre Lake

The hike to the lower Joffre Lake is the easiest part of the hike. It is hardly 10 to 15 minutes from the parking lot, but the view you get is magical. For me, it was hard to believe that you could get such views without walking for hours. You just park your car, get your passes scanned at the entrance, walk for like 10-15 minutes, and boom you see the blue Alpine Lake.

Middle Joffre Lake

This is the challenging part of the hike, from lower to middle Joffre it takes around an hour to reach. There are a lot of turns where you notice the trail is elevating. For added support, consider using a hiking stick, particularly if you're new to hiking. You will get to see a lot of magnificent views in the middle, the best one is when you see the lower lake from a height.

There is also a little space to sit by the lake where you can take a rest or have some refreshments, just make sure that you don't feed anything to the wildlife since there's a fine for that.

Upper Joffre Lake

Now, from middle Joffre to upper Joffre, roughly it takes around 20-25 minutes. But again you will face some elevation which makes the hike a little more challenging. But don't be deterred; the payoff is extraordinary. The middle and upper lakes are not so far from each other, if your hiking level is good you can probably reach there in max 15 minutes.

Don't forget to pause and admire the enchanting Holloway Waterfall along the trail to Upper Lake.


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